Eighth Grade October Cross Country

Eight Grade Cross Country State Championship

The eighth grade Cross Country team continue to improve in the month of October due in part to the cooler, more favorable weather conditions, and the drastic increase of practice and commitment of the team. The team is preparing for the big race of the season, the Diocesan meet at Slater Park, where all the Rhode Island teams compete. The entire team has greatly improved their personal times since the first race. To show the improvement here are the results from the first race at Goddard Park:

1. Matt Del Sesto 1st 11:17

2. Adam King 10th 12:30

3. James Lockhart 15th 13:40

4. Aidan Moran 28th 14:08

5. Andrew Fuvich 32nd 14:38

The fourth race of the season was held at Slater Park, with a slightly longer distance than that of Goddard Park. The course at Slater Park has significantly less hills and much better terrain than that of Goddard Park, where most of the race takes place in the woods on hilly horse trails. The race course at Slater involves running briefly across a flat field, then to a few hills in the woods, then it wraps around the starting line and wraps around a pond. After the pond the track loops again. Unfortunately, the team’s top runner, Matt Del Sesto, could not race due to an injury. Adam King, who comes in second for the team, worked extra hard to advance the team in Matt’s place. The team ranked third, and here are the top Hendricken runners:

1. Adam King 7th 11:59

2. James Lockhart 14th 12:25

3. Andrew Fuvich 19th 13:22

4. Aidan Moran 20th 13:24

5. Levi Wurster 27th 13:52

The fifth race was at Goddard Park. It was nice to return back to Goddard Park. Matt Del Sesto was able to rejoin us, and ran as well as ever. I doubt anyone was grateful for the return to Goddard Park because of the terrain and the horse excrement scattered throughout the woodland trail. The team came in third, and here is the team’s result from this week’s race:

1. Matt Del Sesto 1st 10:41

2. Adam King 3rd 11:23

3. James Lockhart 11th 12:02

4. Andrew Fuvich 24th 13:35

5. Aidan Moran 25th 13:37

The sixth and final race was the Diocesan meet at Slater Park. The weather was optimal for a race. Mr. Brennan and Principal Brennan both came to watch, as well as many others. The park was closed to traffic for the massive race. There were about four hundred racers in total at the race. Before the race Levi Wurster gave an incredible speech before the race. The race was the fastest race, with everyone’s time improving.

The team received two awards, the first award was for Matt Del Sesto for the overall fastest runner at the race, and the second award was for the team’s placement as second in the race. This was the first time the team has placed so well. This year’s team has been the best in the three years of the Select Eighth Grade class. As was said before, the team came in second overall in the entire state, and here are the runners who made it happen.

1. Matt Del Sesto 1st 10:31

2. Adam King 4th 11:14

3. James Lockhart 13th 11:44

4. Aidan Moran 36th 12:34

5. Andrew Fuvich 60th 13:06

Eight Grade Cross Country State Championship