No Shave November


Sample Student

Mr. Stewart at the beginning of No Shave November

Bishop Hendricken joined the fight against men’s illness as No Shave November 2017 edition, kicked off Wednesday, November 1st. The Hendricken community, student and faculty alike, have come together and armed themselves with blue lanyards in a glorious attempt to bring attention to Prostate Cancer and other male health issues. Each participant has given ten dollars to the noble cause, approximately the amount one would spend on shaving equipment each month.  

Faculty members will compete this too see who can achieve the most outstanding, elegant and luxurious beard. Faculty Competitors include: Mr. Rackovic, Mr. Grainy, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Manning, Mr. Gray, Mr. Monahan and Mr. Johnston.  

I first approached Mr. Manning and asked about his chances of winning best beard this year.   

“From the beard growing perspective, no, but from the raising money perspective, yes, just because I force kids to donate money.” he says. For Mr. Manning, it’s more than just a beard. Mr. Manning’s father has prostate cancer, so he’s passionate about campaign and raising money for the cause. Though Mr. Manning has never had beard growing success before, he seems very confident this year. I asked if he did anything extra special for his beard and he said he has tried oils but “doesn’t need them due to the veracity of his beard.” 

Next on my beard seeking travels, I sought out Mr. Donnelly in the musical realm of the building. He also hasn’t had beard growing success and is only “afraid my beard is going to come in more and more gray every year,”. 

Finally I found a representative from the Theology Department, Mr. Stewart. On a scale of 1-10, the theologian rates himself a two in the category of beard growing.  

“Do you have a shot at winning best beard this year Mr. Stewart?” 

“No not at all, unless it’s rigged. I figure I have as good a shot as anyone,” Mr. Stewart shared. 

On if he did anything special to enhance his beard growth, Mr. Stewart decided not to share any details, because he didn’t want to give anything away to the competition. 

Well No Shave November 2017 is shaping up to be a good one, raising lots of money for a great cause. Check back at the end of the month for results on the Best Beard Competition. May the best beard win…