Mr. Billy Burdier

Noah Perry, Contributor

Teacher Name: Mr.Burdier

Teacher Background:

He attended Providence College with a degree in “Ethics of the human”. He is currently working as a senior scripture teacher at Bishop Hendricken High School.

The following is taken from Noah Perry’s profile about Mr.Burdier entitled “The Teaching Ninja”.

An aura, indescribable surrounds Mr.Burdier’s classroom.To start off talking about Mr.Burdier, he went to school at Providence College. He wanted to become a teacher that would help his students discover who they truly are and to dig deeper into their full potential. He graduated with a major in “ethics of the human”. His brain is just part of what he uses after school. He puts his mind and body together to work on his martial arts after school. Mr.Burdier is a teacher by day and a ninja by night.

Education is always number one but outside of school there is another life to Mr.Burdier. Forget grading papers as Mr.Burdier rushes from school to his martial arts gym, where he is about to channel all of his focus and lose his worries. He focuses to achieve his black belt. It seems that being able to channel your body into one sport can help learn many qualities such as sportsmanship but also that hard work pays off.Martial arts is all about balance just as Mr.Burdier has great balance when kicking and punching, he also has great balance in his life, finding the perfect mix of work and life.

One of the best stories that Mr.Burdier talks about is the mango story. He demonstrates his true athletic skills that only a ninja could perform. One day as a child, he went out on a hunt

to get a mango from a nearby tree. He had a craving for a mango that needed to be quenched.He hoped the fence and headed towards the tree. Once reaching the tree, he climbed a couple branches to grasp at the best looking mangos near the top. All of a sudden when he had looked down he saw he was surrounded by bulls. He never knew that bulls liked mangos just as much as he did. He was surrounded with no place to go. He waited for a bit but knew he had to make a break for the fence soon in order to get home in time for dinner. When he built up enough courage and the bulls were off guard, he hopped down and sprinted towards the fence. He went and slid like he has done so many time sliding into home base during his baseball games but this time with a bull following right behind him. He got under the fence with a mango but it came at a cost. Within all of the adrenaline and sweat dripping from his face, he did not feel the barb wire fence scrape his whole back when he had slid. Today he still has scars to remind him about the time he made the run for the mangos.

More important than Mr.Burdier’s martial arts skills is that he wants his students to take away something from his class. He wants to be a ninja in the teaching field. He asks questions that challenge a person’s faith. If his students have to think about what they truly believe then they will become more interested in the subject and want to learn more about their faith and scripture.