Mrs. Poloski

Mrs. Poloski

Jide Akinjisola, Contributor

Teacher Name: Nicole Poloski

Teacher background:

Nicole Poloski was born and raised in Cumberland Rhode Island. She played field hockey at Providence College. At first she received a degree in marketing but went back to school to receive her Masters in Education in School Counseling. She worked as an academic advisor at Bryant and URI. Mrs. Poloski is now working as a guidance counselor at Bishop Hendricken High School.


The following is taken from Jide Akinjisola’s profile about Nicole Poloski entitled “The Athletic Savior.”

As the coach started to yell for the girls to start preparing for the game and to also get ready for their rival matchup, the skilled Nicole Poloski looked down staring at the word Providence on her shirt and started to reminisce on her journey coming to play field hockey at Providence College. Nicole started to think about her time as a student athlete in Cumberland High School and how it was filled with being an all-around athlete playing basketball, softball, and field hockey. As she worked hard to achieve all her athletic accolades she also strived towards being a very hard working student. She had a reputation as someone people could go to for help in academics or athletics which excited her.

As she continued to reminisce on her past accolades she started to hear her name faintly in the background of her thoughts, “Nicole, Nicole Lets go”, as the voice continued to get louder and louder she opened her eyes only to see her coach standing in front signaling Nicole to get down to the field. She couldn’t move and fell to the ground. The pain in her foot was too great. This would cause Nicole to end her journey as a field hockey player at Providence College. This tragic event did not create a setback for her, but instead it allowed her to develop talents that God had given to her. When Nicole wasn’t competing she was known as a kind individual who was always working to help other students become successful and understand things they didn’t comprehend. She enjoyed tutoring students who struggled and needed help. She was also a marketing major and was leading her class at Providence College with a GPA of 3.98. She was able to help many people with her knowledge and hardworking mentality. After four years at Providence College Nicole branched out to do what she thought she loved to do. After interviewing at a marketing company, Nicole knew it was not for her and this led to her going back to school and received her Master in Education in School Counseling. With her Masters she was able to help student athletes at both Bryant and URI the last fifteen years as an academic advisor to student athletes.

Working as an advisor is something that Nicole was born to do, she constantly has the urge to help when someone has an issue and allow them to get through the challenges they face each day. Her ability to relate to other athletes with her background as a student athlete has allowed for kids to feel more comfortable with her presence. One individual that sticks out through Nicole’s advisory career is a Serbian male basketball athlete at Bryant University named Bosko. This kid has been through a lot of trials and lived a tough life, whether it was having to escape a war or surviving a tough journey to America he has continued to overcome many obstacles. As a counselor Nicole met Bosko everyday trying to gain his trust and break down barriers that he put up with other counselors. As Nicole started to make herself vulnerable and showed patience, this has allowed Bosko to do the same, which has created a tight relationship between the two. Whether it was telling Bosko she would follow up with a class, see a teacher for him, or go to his game, Nicole made sure she stuck to her word to continue to build that trust with Bosko. As her time at Bryant University came to an end she continued to stay in touch with Bosko and keep that relationship going, she still makes an effort to contact him often and go to his games.

As an advisor dealing with kids in either college or high school is something that Nicole understands and knows how to do. She has a lot practice at home with her two kids Dylan and Ryan and when it comes to them Nicole is constantly trying to meet their every need. Her endless love for her kids allow Nicole to value the students she helps on a regular day and these characteristics will make a great advisor at Bishop Hendricken High School.