Hendricken Science Fair

Daniel Franchetti, 8th Grade Contributor

During the Hendricken Science Fair, 90 students from all grades competed to see who had the best presentation and would proceed on to represent Hendricken at the state competition. The best in fair are as follows; Sean Jacob Alcordo, Michael Cullen, and David Steets. They will continue to the state competition as well as; John Fogarty, Thomas Holmes, James Laboissonniere, Casey McQuesten, Jack Pedro, Christopher Relyea, and Bobby Schattle, who each won top project. 

I asked the winners of the “best in fair” award if they would like to comment on their projects and/ or give advice. Unfortunately, I was unable to contact Michael Cullen to get his thoughts. 

“Regarding Science Fair, it becomes easier the more you stick to it. I know for a fact that my first Science Fair wasn’t great at all. However, learning from those mistakes was a great way of improving and it helped me more than anyone else good. Don’t view your participant or 3rd grant award as a failure. See it as an opportunity to improve. The year I got to nationals was because the previous year I immediately started thinking about what I could, and how I could do it better.” 

-Sean Jacob Alcordo 


“The Science Fair was always one of my favorite things about school. The idea that a group of people who are as psyched as science as I am could compete head-to-head, trying to prove to each other that their idea is better always intrigued me. Competition always brings out the best in me, but this year, Hendricken’s wonderful and supportive science teachers helped me to go that extra mile to get me that win … I owe this victory to Ms. Iacaruso and Mr. Graney as well as many more hopefully to come.” 

-David Steets 


Take this advice and apply it to your own projects. I know I will. I believe that students talking about their methods and experiences are the best that can be given as it is easier to comprehend and close to methods that other students can follow. The state competition begins on March 17-18. We, from the Talon Newspaper, all wish them luck.