Ms. Roussin

Ms. Roussin

Aaron Barber, Contributor

Miss Roussin

Miss Roussin attended Salve Regina University. This is her first-year teaching Spanish here at Bishop Hendricken High School.

The following is taken from Aaron Barber’s profile about Miss Roussin entitled “A Resilient and Determined teacher”:

Miss Roussin has always wanted to teach and has never let anything interfere with her dreams. She recounts a time in the third grade when she first knew that she was meant to become a teacher. She began helping her old first grade teacher, as a young teaching aide. This was her first taste of what she would be destined to do. Miss Rousin laughs when she remembers in middle school how she wondered whether was be any good at Spanish. She had soon found out that she was not only good at it, but loved it too. She feels that speaking another language has broadened her horizons, enabling her to communicate with many more people. She hopes to share this wonder with her students.

Throughout her time at college Miss Roussin continued to teach in unique ways outside of the class room. She was a member of the Student Education Association. She also participated in the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). As a member of the CEC she helped plan and organize events for children with special needs. She also participated in a study abroad program, allowing her to experience the cultures of several South American countries including Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Those experiences only increased her love of Spanish and her desire to teach the language and the culture.

Miss Roussin is an ideal teacher because of how much she cares about her students. She is after all a kind and compassionate person. She says that she hopes to be a good example for her students. She wishes that she can inspire them to do something great. She says that she will have lived a fulfilled life and career if she properly inspires just one of her young pupils.

The Bishop Hendricken community is proud to welcome her into the fold.