Mrs. Pickett


Nicholas DiTusa, Contributor

Mrs. Pickett is a mother, a wife and a math teacher at Bishop Hendricken High School. She is in her first year at Hendricken.

The following is taken from Nick DiTusa’s profile about Mrs. Pickett entitled “The Care Giver.”

Personal Viewpoint

As someone who cared for others since she was a little girl, Mrs. Pickett continues to give her gifts of kindness to others involved in her life. Her second grade teacher inspired and cared for her. This teacher made her feel comfortable in the classroom. Mrs. Pickett was inspired because in her years growing up she learned to love math. However, all the teachers she had were not very good at teaching the subject clearly. The educators she had were not very helpful toward the students that were struggling. She decided to become a teacher, so that she could enlighten her students in a deeper way than her instructors had done. She wanted to use all of her abilities to create a fun, comfortable, and well-organized learning environment for her students.

When she was a little girl, her parents used to have a family dinner, inviting mostly close relatives every Sunday around 1 o’clock. She loved to see all of her family together under the same roof. She loved helping her mom out with the chores her mom needed done around the house such as the last minute cooking, and cleaning before the company started arriving. Mrs. Pickett wanted to improve on having family visit because if her mother had forgotten to do anything Mrs. Pickett wanted to learn so she does not make the same mistake. The whole objective was to create a tradition that could continue in the family. Since she was a little girl, she has learned a lot from decorating the house to cooking all the food: She continues to get the family together for reunions or just have a holiday dinner together.

She tries to help her own children with their homework and her students with their math at school. When she starts, she always tells the students to look at the book first and see what material they had trouble. Once they figure out together what area of math the student has trouble with, they go over a couple of problems slowly and systematically to make sure the student understands it better. She tries to make her students as comfortable as she possibly can. She also tries to be available as often as she can, staying after every day and in the morning before school.

Mrs. Pickett is welcomed into our Hendricken community with open arms by all of the current faculty, staff, and students. She is a hardworking and caring woman who would do absolutely anything for anyone. As a teacher or a mother, she would go beyond to please her children, her students, her friends and her husband. It is obvious that her family comes first, and she would always want them all together safely. She cares by helping and providing for her family and others around her. She believes that everyone is her brother or sister around her and they all need someone to care about them.