Ms. Soprano

Ms. Soprano

Christian DiTusa, Contributor

Ms. Soprano

She had attended Salve Regina University for college for three years and abroad in Spain for one year, and Cranston West for high school. She has a Master’s in Education and studied Spanish abroad. She currently teaches Spanish to the eighth graders.

Personal Viewpoint:

The following is taken from Christian DiTusa’s profile about Ms. Soprano entitled “The Adult Nurturer”.

      When she was a student at Cranston West she had an Italian teacher who helped her and put her on a good path to love languages and to eventually set her path as a Spanish language teacher as well. After high school she had moved on to college and studied at Salve Regina University in Newport. During her years of study, she had a chance to study in Spain, and she is now earning her two degrees in Education and Hispanic Studies. In Spain she had gone to Sevilla to study. She had gone to different cities there such as Lisbon, Paris and Barcelona and saw many different types of museums and artifacts. She also saw old castles, and buildings that looked like coliseums but were smaller. Every day in Spain, siestas take place, everybody goes home, and takes their break for lunch. When she came home from Spain she had learned so much about the Spanish culture. It helped her to open up her mind more to care and appreciate other foreign countries and their people.

     After teaching in a private high school for two years, she went to become a teacher at URI for a little but realized she loved teaching younger students more. Then she came to Bishop Hendricken and ended up teaching the underclassmen and the eighth graders, and she really likes teaching that age.

      From the experiences she has had with her family and her job of being a teacher, she has changed students and has taught them to be the best that they can be. She tells them never to give up. Her students will always get better if they put the effort into their schoolwork. If they do not put the work into it, they are not going to get anything out of it. She is happy with the way things had turned out, namely that now she is a teacher. There is not be anything else that she would want to do, because teaching is what she really loves. The kids she has in class now are like her family, and she cares about them as she would for her own.

Welcome, Ms. Soprano, to Bishop Hendricken High School.