Calendar Drive Results

Casey McQuesten, Contributor

Each year students at Bishop Hendricken High School are given eight school calendars to sell for twenty-five dollars, but how much money is raised and where does the money go?  This year there was a goal to sell 7,032 calendars, which would be $175,800 in sales. The ambitious salesmen of Hendricken decided to not only succeed in making that goal, but to surpass it with a grand total of $181,500.

Many people may be wondering, where is all of this money going? This is a fair question which Mrs. Pacheco, of the Admissions Department, was kind enough to tell us. “The calendar drive provides funding for student activities, and BHHS programs, and the BHHS Annual Lottery Calendar provides support to every student in the building”. Some examples of where the finds go include the new ping pong tables in the cafeteria, and when students needed flights and hotel accommodations for the academic decathlon.

The funds needed for these expenses would normally be extracted from student tuition, but when over 7,000 calendars are sold, tuition can be kept down making it easier for all of our parents.

Even though each student from Hendricken has contributed to the grand total, some students decided to go a little further with their sales technique. Forty students sold over their eight required calendars, contribution 1,204 additional calendar sales. The top ten sellers were Ashton Allcock, Brook Golding, Cameron Hughes, Casey McQuesten, Justin Perez, Blake Roberge, Collin Soucy, Kirk Steele, and Troy Thibodeau. These ten students decided to take their sales technique to the next level, some students selling over 100 calendars!

This years calendar lottery has begun! so don’t forget to check to see if you have won at