Mr. Tavares

Mr. Tavares

Bailey Whittaker, Contributor

Teacher Name: Mr. Tavares

Teacher Background:

Mr. Tavares went to Providence College. While at PC he worked on his English major as well as being a student writer on-campus. He graduated PC with his degree in English and is now a first year teacher for freshman English classes.


The following is taken from Bailey Whittaker’s profile about Mr. Tavares entitled “The Musician Man.”

Mr. Tavares didn’t pick up the drums like a normal kid usually does. He played all throughout high school, teaching himself and taking lessons here and there, but never played in a band during his high school years. This is unusual because kids that play instruments picked it up by participating in bands and ensembles, not teaching themselves. As he played more and more, adding to his drumset and learning new songs, he fell in love with the music and the rhythm, a love that he took with him into college.

It was at Providence College where he joined his first ever band. In fact, he was in three ensembles there, as well as a jazz ensemble. He did some amazing things through the band. He got to go to every basketball game and hockey game for both the men’s and women’s teams. He watched firsthand amazing wins and heartbreaking losses, all while playing the instrument which he loves.

His first ever game where he played the drums was one of the biggest he ever had the opportunity to play at. It was during the Big East tournament, the big basketball tournament held up at Madison Square Garden. He watched the Friars battle it out with nationally ranked teams competing for the championship right next to the court with his drums, banging out note after note in order to keep his team’s tempo high and the momentum going. With so many great experiences because of his love to play music on the drums, he still plays today and continues his passion.

He plays in a band called “Eaton Street Funk,” an eight-piece band made up of friends he played with at PC. His first gig with his band was an event for PC. It was the college’s centennial, and they had a huge party to celebrate. His band was the music entertainment for the after-party when all the current students would be present. He played in this huge tent with lights and speakers everywhere, which led to a very first successful night for him and his buddies.

His coolest gig was also for PC. He played in the very top of the Convention Center for what he remembers as a “swanky” venue. The school hired professional sound guys for his band that night, which led to a great night of music. He had just bought brand new symbols, fresh out of the box, ready to be played. He had saved up for a very long time to get these because symbols do not come cheap. They played all night long, till 2 AM to be exact. Mr. Tavares’s hands were bleeding after playing for so long, but that was just part of the game. He loves his drums so much he doesn’t care if he bleeds.


Welcome to Bishop Hendricken High School, Mr. Tavares.