OZ Play done perfectly!


Dylan LeMay, 8th Grade Contributor

On the Friday of December 1st, 2017, my family and I went to see “The Wizard of Oz” presented by Bishop Hendricken. The musical included high school students from not only Bishop Hendricken, but also from Bayview Academy, Pilgrim, and East Greenwich High School. It also included the help of elementary aged students from St. Rose, St. Kevin, and St. Peter. The play was a great success, selling out all five shows very quickly.

The casting was perfect. Every character that was casted was put into the perfect roles, and they were very good performers. Dorothy was played by Emily Fielding, the Scarecrow by Sean Ryan, the Tin Man by Nicholas Bullock, and the Lion by Carlin Fournier. These characters played their roles perfectly, with great singing, dancing, and acting. They remembered all their lines perfectly, not forgetting a single thing. Along with these characters were the Wizard of Oz, played by Brenden Lawrence, Auntie Em, played by Victoria LeBlanc, Uncle Henry, played by Dominic DaSilva, the Wicked Witch of the West, played by Madeline Morin, and Glinda, the good witch played by Kate Fitzgerald. All these characters played their roles perfectly, with again, essentially no mistakes.

Finally, the last main character of the play was Toto, played by Mayzie, a pet to the Ciceris’. The dog was trained well to sit in its place and to not bark while the actors were talking. The dog was small, and though didn’t have many similarities to the original Toto except for the height.  Mayzie had a great performance. Another great aspect of the play was the scenery and props. There were custom built stairs to high landings for the house that lands on the wicked witch, and there also was a spinning yellow brick road. They had many props, including a crystal ball, as well as a broomstick for the witch. We can’t forget to mention the amazing technical capabilities; not only was the sound and lighting perfect, the way they staged the “twister” that transports Dorothy to Oz, as well as the work they did on the “wizard” himself using a green screen to portray the wizard’s face when talking to the characters.

One of the final things that was included in the play was the pit orchestra. The pit orchestra was behind the curtains of the stage, and were incorporated for all the background and song music. The orchestra had a flute, reeds, horns, trumpets, trombone, piano, drums, violin, viola, cello, and a bass. Each member of the orchestra was very talented and had perfect timing for all the music. Overall, the play was a definite hit. It is amazing to think that this was achieved with a high school aged cast.