8th Grade Basketball vs Our Lady of Mercy

Daniel Franchetti, 8th Grade Contributor

Eighth Grade Basketball Game 1/28/18

It was another close game as Hendricken took on the Basketball team from Our Lady of Mercy. During the last minute, Hendricken was only one shot from victory, then Our Lady of Mercy sank another shot. Now with only a minute remaining Hendricken had to score three points to tie or four to win. Did they finally secure a much-deserved win?

Our Lady of Mercy started out strong with the first shot of the game. However, Hendricken was quick to follow with the first shot for Hendricken being scored by number 32. Once 3:30 minutes had passed, the score was a close 7-9 Hendricken to Our Lady of Mercy. However, that could not be said again at the 7:00 minute mark as the score was now 9-14. At the 10:30 mark, Hendricken was closing the gap as the score was 17-22. At the end of the first period, the score was 23-26. After the intermission, the second half of the game began. One minute before the end, Hendricken had to make two points to secure victory. After coming close to the basket several times and failing, number 4 of Hendricken was able to bring the ball near their hoop. Just as he was about to throw, a member of Our Lady of Mercy pushed number 4. The officials did not call a foul as the ball flew out of number 4’s hands. This decided the fate of the game. Hendricken lost by a two-point margin with a final score of 47-49.

Some in the crowd felt that the call made by the referee was incorrect and Hendricken should’ve been allowed a foul shot. During the last game too, the vibe seemed to be that the referees made some questionable calls, which, ┬áif called differently, could have allowed Hendricken’s eighth grade basketball team to win. The team has improved since their first game, and I look forward to their future games.