8th Grade Basketball vs St.Rocco

Daniel Franchetti, 8th Grade Contributor

On Sunday February 4, 2018, the eighth-grade basketball team was one point down with two minutes to go. Did they claim their second victory over St. Rocco’s team?

The game was held in Chief Rainone Gym in Johnstown. Overall, the score was lower than normal from all previous games, even when Hendricken lost.  Hendricken was able to put in the first basket. St. Rocco was quick to take the next though. At the end of the first 3:30 minute block, the score was 6-4 Hendricken, St. Rocco. The score remained unchanged in the second block of the first period. After the third block, the score was 10-8. The Period ended with the teams tied 10-10.

For the first block of the second period, the score ended with Hendrick 18 and St. Rocco 10. Once again, the score remained unchanged for the second block. This changes in the third block, but not for the better as St. Rocco gained five points for a score of 18-15. With one minute left in the period and Hendricken down a single point, the swapped in some players. They were able to score four points in the last minute bringing the score to 22-19. Hendricken had won against St. Rocco for their second win against them, and their second win in the league this year.