Will Robinson sets Hendricken School Record!


Daniel Franchetti, Editor

William Robinson is a student in the Options Program who set a new school record in Hendricken art. He was able to sculpt the tallest pot in school history. He plans to display his achievement for all at Hendricken until his graduation. His pot is 14.25 inches, 2.25 inches higher than the next tallest one which stands at a foot high.

His pot is almost cone shaped, except, with a flatter base where the tip would be. The base diameter was about 5 inches and the top was about 8 inches. It is painted clover green and has stripes of baroque gold. There are five of these baroque gold stripes around the middle of the pot. At the top and base of the pot are zig-zag lines of this color. The rest of the pot is painted in clover green.

It took “four weeks to build,” said Mr. Costa when asked about William’s procedure. Mr. Costa commended William on his great patience during the creation process. William said his inspiration was noticing that the highest pot record could be broken and his desire to craft a pot that could set the school record. He used a coiling technique to craft his creation for a month. After he finished making the pot, it had to be fired in a kiln for eight hours to remove the moisture. Then, the pot had to be glazed and fired once again for another twelve hours before it was truly a finished piece of art.

Will worked very hard on this pot. His piece will be displayed until his graduation. His new record height of 14.25 inches may stand for a while. His determination and patience should be a model for all of us to follow. Great job Will!