Moses, the Israelites, and Life Today


Aidan Cahill, Contributor

The story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt is one of the most important stories in the Old Testament, and it teaches us multiple important lessons. Among these are how God is all powerful, how he is the one true god, and nothing else is as powerful as he is. 

Moses’s story begins in Egypt, which was under Pharaoh Ramses II’s rule. Although Joseph before had saved the nation from a severe famine many years before, Ramses did not know of how Joseph had saved them. He did, however notice that the Israelite population had grown to incredibly large numbers, so Pharaoh decided to put them under forced labor, which eventually led to him ordering every Israelite male child to be killed. Moses, being born to Israelite parents, was going to be killed had his mother done nothing. In order to attempt to save his life, he is sent down the Nile in a basket, when he is picked up by the Pharoah’s daughter, who names him and brings him in as a child of her own. 

Moses had grown up with Egyptians, but he became conscious of the fact that he was not one of them. When one day, Moses sees a Hebrew being assaulted in the street by an Egyptian, he takes action against him and helps the Hebrew, which leads to the Egyptians death. Afterwards, he leaves Egypt and speaks to God, where he is told to meet with Pharoah and request to free the Israelites. Moses requests to have someone else do it, and God tells him to bring his brother Aaron with him. his name is also revealed to Moses. He fails at earning freedom twice. So, God sends ten plagues to ravage the land and set the Israelites free. Among these are, turning the Nile to blood, unleashing frogs, then gnats, then flies onto Egypt. Then, Egyptians became covered in boils, the land was ravished by hail, and locusts. Lastly, God sent his angel of death to kill all the firstborn males of everyone who did not follow God’s commands exactly, along with the cattle. Once God releases the ten plagues among Egypt, the Hebrews are finally set free. 

This story teaches us many lessons. First, it demonstrates how God is all powerful. Not only did he enable the Israelites to be free, and show them his power, but he demonstrated to the Egyptians too, that He shall prevail over any hardships his people face. Alongside this, he shows the Egyptians that the gods they worshiped were not real gods and were instead mortal, and anyone who wronged his people would be punished. Egyptians at the time worshiped cattle. By killing them, God showed they, alongside other things and gods, should not be worshipped. By killing the firstborn male of every Egyptian, he killed the receiver of every family’s birthright, and thus ended the true chain of succession. 

The story of Moses helping the Hebrews escape Egypt teaches many things that can be applied in life today. While much of the story was a work of fiction, it, and many of the lessons taught through the story of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt is still applicable to current day.