God creates!


Alex Marot, contributor

Breaking News! A world of terror and darkness is in the midst of being renovated by a man
named God. God recently decided that he was ready to make a planet consisting of humans,
wildlife, and various sorts of plants. On the first day this past week, God decided that this island
of darkness needed light. God granted the world the gift of light, and he called this period of light
“day” and this time of darkness “night.” Now as readers, it would be hard to believe that there is
a man that was capable of these ideas but there was more to come in the following days. On the
second day, God’s newest addition to the world consisted of a dome that raised high above the
sea and would soon to be known as the sky. God new that the next addition would have to
include a gigantic piece of land that had plants and all types of life. For this reason, God soon
created the earth on his third day of work. The earth in the following days would soon start
making fruit, plants, and trees that would provide the essential ingredients for all living things.
On the fourth day, God said that it would be necessary to have a “sun’ for the day and a “moon”
for the night. Soon enough the world was filled with bright, hot light during the day from the
power of the sun. At night the moon glowed in the sky next to the shining stars. Yet, myself and
other reporters were so amazed with the various creations that we were confused of what the
massive piece of land would be used for.
On the fifth and sixth day, God answered our questions,
and again amazed us with the most impressive sight yet. He filled the land with fish, animals,
and many other living organisms. Then on the sixth day, he made humans, people like us that
would control the earth and the wildlife. When we asked God why he would create people like us
and of the same power as us he responded, “This will be place where people follow my
teachings, lessons, and realize the life of happiness that I have created for them. These people
will achieve greatness through my power and love. The world is now ready for the journey
towards salvation, where these humans will spend eternal life with me. Those who follow will
see me will be forsaken and those who disobey me will be sadly humbled.” Lastly, the earth has
been made for the humans God has created. It will now be their job to live out his ideals when
he reaches out to them.