Lessons from Joseph


Max Turner, Contributor

After they sold him into slavery and he ended up in Egypt, Joseph finally meets his brothers. He has not seen them in about twenty years. His ten brothers came to him, while he was the prime minister of Egypt, asking for food.  

There was a famine in the land of Canaan, where eleven of the brothers live with Isaac, so people from all over the world went to Egypt to get food. Joseph, Isaac’s favorite son, was the prime minister in Egypt. He was in charge of distributing grain and keeping track of the money. Ten of Joseph’s brothers went to buy grain. When the brothers reached Egypt, Joseph knew who they were immediately. They did not recognize Joseph. Joseph decided to be deceitful and trick his brothers. First, he accused them of being spies, and they explained that they were brothers who came from Isaac. Joseph wanted to see his younger brother Benjamin, so he said to the brothers that they must retrieve their youngest brother and bring him to Egypt, while one is in prison. They brought Benjamin and gifts to give to Joseph. Joseph gave them a meal and seeing his family, minus Isaac, he became very emotional. The steward was ordered by Joseph to put all the food the brothers could carry and their money in their bags. He also had the steward put his silver goblet in Benjamin’s bag. When they all left, Joseph pretended that Benjamin stole his goblet and had Egyptians hunt them all down. Joseph wanted to keep Benjamin captive until Isaac came. He broke down before Isaac could even come. He revealed himself to his brothers. Joseph explained everything to his confused brothers. He explained how he was not mad, but joyous to see his siblings. Joseph’s family came and lived with him in Egypt where he was the prime minister.  

There is one main, modern lesson that can be learned from this story. That is forgiveness. Even though the brothers hated Joseph and threw him into a well, Joseph forgave them for trying to kill him. Forgiveness is always shown by God. No matter what happens, God always forgives which is similar to Joseph. Everyone is forgiven by God after bad things. Joseph said that he will provide for his brothers even though they tried to hurt him and ultimately kill him. Isaac helped intervene by having his other sons ask for forgiveness, but Joseph ultimately performed the act. Finally, all of Isaac’s sons were together for the first time after the brothers tried to kill Joseph.