Rover Ruckus Robotics


Daniel Franchetti, Contributor

The school robotics team is about to begin their competition season with a mock scrimmage the December 1, 2018. The first real scrimmage is on December 15, 2018. The theme this year is “Rover Ruckus” provided by FIRST. FIRST provides and sponsors for four tiers of robotics competitions. The robotics team competes in the third tier, FIRST Tech Challenge. 

The objectives of this year are to collect balls and blocks from an area, then transport them into a box about a yard in the air. After the allotted amount of time has passed, then the robots should lift themselves onto a hook for a greater score. 

Election of officials happened at the beginning of the year. A few candidates ran for the president position with Paarth being elected. Paarth also was elected to lead programmer. Logan Cuthill was elected to lead builder, and Benjamin Laliberte was elected secretary. 

The team has been working hard since the beginning of the year. When examining their work, they seem to be ahead of their original plans. Many of the members have stated that they are working better than last year and feel much more prepared. Regardless, they still put nearly two hours of work daily into just building the robot. The team predicts that they will have a good run this year, and they intend to make it past the state competition. 

The robotics team is always open to new members. Currently, they are in need of programmers for next year. There are also positions for documenting the robot’s progress as well as builders. Minimal experience is necessary as the experienced members can train new members.