Repentance and Noah


Jordan Wang, Contributor

Recently there have been questions regarding the occurrence of the flood that wiped out the entire population of the Earth. However, a man named Noah survived this flood. As Noah mentioned, he communicated with the Lord. During his talk with the Lord, the Lord told him to build an ark made of gopherwood. Additionally, Noah was told to equip the ark with various compartments and to cover it inside and out with pitch. Specifically, Noah was told that the ark had to be three-hundred cubits long, five-hundred cubits wide, and thirty cubits tall with an opening for daylight. Noah did as he was told and constructed an ark made of gopherwood.

After making the ark, Noah was told to bring seven of every clean animal and a male and its mate for the unclean animals. At that time, God tells Noah that he will rain down on the Earth in seven days. Noah described that fountains of the great abyss burst forth and that floodgates of the sky were opened with water while he was six-hundred years old. Reportedly, the flood lasted 150 days after it rained on the Earth for forty days and forty nights. Noah explained that all the highest mountains under the heavens were submerged and that all living creatures on Earth perished. Moreover, Noah mentioned that the water was 15 cubits higher than the tallest mountains. After the water piled onto the Earth, Noah and his family along with the animals on the ark were the only living beings left on the Earth.

Before Noah stepped foot on land, he sent two different birds to assure himself that there was land. First off, Noah sent a raven, which flew back and forth finding dead corpses. Secondly, he threw a dove three times, which flew back after the first time. The second time, the dove

returned to Noah with an olive branch. The dove didn’t return the third time. Because of this, Noah knew that there was land somewhere due to the disappearance of the dove. Following the great flood, it’s said that there was a big gust of wind that calmed the water and dried up the Earth. After the water dried up, God told Noah to step foot on land along with his wife, son, son’s wives and the animals kept in the ark. In the end, God established a covenant with Noah. God’s covenant with Noah stated that all creatures will never be destroyed by the waters of a flood again. Moreover, God addressed this covenant to Noah, Noah’s descendants and every living creature that was with him on the ark.

Overall, Noah survived a disastrous flood sent by God with his family and several different species of animals. Throughout Noah’s story, God shows us the lesson of righteousness and the lesson of repentance. By flooding the Earth, God wanted to give mankind an opportunity to adjust their morality and righteousness. Prior to the flood, God saw that mankind was becoming evil and wicked over time. God saw evil in his creation. This was the reported reason as to why God chose to flood the Earth. As mentioned previously, God allowed mankind to learn from their previous mistakes and to learn a lesson of righteousness. Furthermore, God shows us a lesson of repentance as well. Like the lesson of righteousness, God wanted mankind to feel remorse for its past mistakes and faults. In other words, God granted mankind an opportunity to atone for its past sins and evilness. In the end, God was flexible and loving towards mankind and protected Noah to provide mankind with an opportunity to learn from the paste