Captain Marvel Review (SPOILERS)


Daniel Franchetti, Contributor

Here are my quick thoughts on Captain Marvel. The movie presents its theme of equality quite well and I found it also has an underlying message of critical and sufficient analysis of a situation in order to fully understand it. This review is not a summary but read at one’s own risk for spoilers. 

The movie came out around Internation Woman’s Day 2019, March 8. Where it was coincidence or not, there is a theme of equality for women in the movie as Captain Marvel is a woman. The movie is not overbearing in this message, but instead portrays that both men and women accomplished the objective. The movie pulls off a non-overbearing portrayal of cooperation and the usefulness and uniqueness of the individual person. 

The is also another important and current theme of receiving all the information. In the beginning of the movie, I was given one impression of the motives and goals of each group. This view given by the limited information was incorrect by the end of the film. Walking in with a limited knowledge of the Marvel universe, one would take the limited information given as it. If you can harken back to Guardians of the Galaxy, then you may be able to see through the supplied information here. When both sides of the story are given in an objective way, a new understanding can be formed against popular belief. 

Like all Marvel movies, there is a lot of comedy and references that keep the movie moving in the duller moments. If you only watch the movies, then by the end of this movie, you should have made many connections to Guardians of the Galaxy. The characters and events of this movie play into that one. Respectfully, there is a message for the late Stan Lee before the movie. There are two end-credit sequences. The first is before the credits for Avengers: Endgame. The second is more for comedy than plot.  

Captain Marvel is well written and paced. The delivery of its messages were done in a discreet but effective manner. I hope that I was able to communicate the themes in an objective and unoffensive way. I look forward to reviewing the next installment, Avengers: Endgame.