“Paramount” ends most accomplished season in program history


TJ Deneault, Contributor

WALTHAM, MA (April 6, 2019) – No streak goes on forever. That’s what Hendricken students, faculty, and staff know better than almost anybody. The 2018-2019 “Paramount” show choir has won its last four competitions, winning grand champions at each. On Saturday, however, that streak ended. Hendricken placed second in the Eastern Show Choir Festival in Waltham, Massachusetts, marking only the second time that Hendricken hasn’t won this year.

This season, the group featured five captains. Alex LeBlanc ’20, Lily Brewster (St. Mary Academy – Bay View), and Marie Balemian (Pilgrim High School) all served as vocal captains. Dominic DaSilva ’20 and Eva Silva (Pilgrim High School) served as the group’s dance captains. Mr. Richard Sylvia served as the group’s director, and Christian Kabbas ’14 served as the choir’s technical director.

This year was special. Hendricken won four grand championships, meaning they won their division (small-mixed) a school record four times. The team also won Grand Champions in Virginia, marking the first time that Hendricken has won an out-of-state title in show choir competition.

Additionally, each of the group’s vocal soloists – Alex LeBlanc ’20, Dominic DaSilva ’20, Elizabeth Barrett (Toll Gate High School), and Lily Brewster – won an award for their performances over the course of the season.  LeBlanc, who served as vocal captain for the first time this season, said: “This year we all got along, we’ve been creating bonds and we’ve been creating such a unitive team.”  When asked about the year overall, DaSilva said: “This year has been very special because in years past everybody had focused on their awards (such as best soloist). This year the goal was always to win Grand Champions and put out the best show that we can.”

Vocal Captains Lily Brewster and Marie Balemian echoed the same sentiments. Both said how they’ve created bonds through group chats and even chanting and cheering for their bus driver. Having a strong bond with your team is one of the most crucial aspects of show choir.  A scene occurred midway through the group’s performance on Saturday when Lily had to run onto stage for her solo, she slipped and fell, but got right back up. The adjudicators seemed to admire that, however, and gave her a special judge’s award.
When asked who she uses as her motivation for her solo, she replied: “I do it for Emily Fielding. Mr. Sylvia put us together. We have had a very wild ride over the last four years. We’ve created a really solid background for each other. We’ve always had somebody to turn to in case we needed it.”  With “Paramount” being the only group of its kind in Rhode Island, they’ve had to travel in order to compete. The team traveled to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and even Virginia, to find the competition.  All of it was worth it, as “Paramount” had one of the most successful seasons in school and New England history. This year leaves high expectations for next year’s group, and we are sure they will be able to exceed those expectations.