DECA’s First event

Daniel Franchetti, Contributor

On Friday March 1, 2019, Hendricken participated in the inaugural DECA (formerly Distributive Education Clubs of America) conference. DECA is primarily about the business literacy specifically in hospitality, administration, and finance. 

The event was held at Johnson and Wales University in Providence. After a briefing at 9:00, teams from all over the state left the meeting hall to go to their events. Each person was to do a roleplay, and was given ten minutes to study  and answer the questions and key points presented to them. One would write / prepare and take notes for the ten minutes and then were sent to a room with a judge. There, they would take on the character of the roleplay and have a professional conversation with the judge.  The ability to think quickly is an important trait for a DECA member to have.  Each person does one roleplay, and then waits for the day’s events to end around 2:00. This created plenty of time for participants to socialize with members from other teams. The team was fortunate enough to have sophomore Spencer Wood win his event in economics. 

The team continues to work for next year in Miss Davenport’s room on Mondays. The DECA team is thankful she hosts the club and to Principal DeCiccio for having brought the club to Hendricken. The team is always looking for new members interested in business or is proficient in roleplay