Getting Involved is the Key

Thomas Simonetti, Contributor

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Coming into Bishop Hendricken I did not know if I was going to like it. On the first day of school I remember being very shy and was not sure if I was going to make friends. I was not good at introducing myself and I also was nervous to meet new people. After a while I started to make friends. After noticing that I was not the only one going through this and this made me feel more comfortable. I realized that there were a lot of students that were like me and they were people I would want to be my friends. I started to notice that I was making new friends every day and I was becoming more comfortable. I began to have more fun in classes and the high school environment was starting to feel more normal. I felt like I belonged at Hendricken and I wasn’t one of the new kids.

Every day was just getting better and better because of the teachers and the other students. I started to look forward to coming to school because it was just more time for me to spend with my friends. School felt less like a task and more like an opportunity to learn and have fun. Then I started to get more involved after school. I joined the Unified Volleyball team, and this was a great experience because I got to play volleyball hands on with some of the Options Students that I don’t get to have classes with. This gave me so many amazing friends that now I can say hi to when I walk by them in the hallways on the way to class. I also joined the Ambassadors Club. At first, I didn’t know if I would be good at giving tours to families who were looking at Hendricken as a high school. After giving a few tours I started to realize that this is something that I enjoy doing. It reminded me that not so long ago I was an eighth grader nervous for high school. This also made me feel good about myself because I knew I was helping some kids see what Bishop Hendricken is like. Giving tours made me feel like Hendricken was actually my school and not something that was just in the future.

I started to join more clubs and get more interested in what Hendricken had to offer to its students. I participated in the fall musical, All Shook Up, not knowing if I was going to like it even though I had done theatre in the past. After a couple rehearsals I soon knew that this was something that brought me joy and it was something to look forward to during the school day. I made so many amazing friends and great memories. Doing this musical gave me a sense of accomplishment and it was a great experience. A couple months into the school year I now know my place. I have made so many great friends and I have got the hang of the new teaching styles. So far I have loved going to Hendricken for high school. It has been so welcoming and the teachers are amazing. If I ever am having trouble in a class I always know I can go to that teacher and ask for help. The student body also has such a accepting attitude and no one will be criticized on what they want to do at Hendricken. I noticed that there actually is something for every student and now I know why all of the staff told the freshmen to get involved. Even though I get home later, when I am at my extra curricular activities it does not feel like a commitment. They feel like a break from all the stressful things going on outside of them. Overall I have greatly enjoyed the first couple of months as a freshman at Hendricken. I am so grateful to be at this school and I am so excited to enjoy my next four years as a hawk. I am so glad I chose Hendricken as my high school because I know that I can learn, have fun, grow, make friends, and thrive here.