Mr. Eaton


Daniel Franchetti, Editor

Q: Briefly, what is your background in education/where did you graduate and with what degrees?

A: I went to High school at Cumberland High and graduated in 2010. I then went to the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth where I studied Finance. This will be my 5th full year teaching math.

Q: What classes or grades do you currently teach?

A: Currently, I teach 8th and 9th grade Algebra 1.

Q: What inspired you to become a teacher or to teach in the field you do? Is there a specific story or event you would like to share about it?

A: When I was little, I never played video games or watched cartoons, all I would want to play is school. I always wanted to be the teacher. I would make my siblings and cousins let me teach them and I would be the meanest teacher they ever had, but I loved it. When I was applying to college, I was debating on being a teacher because I always loved that idea growing up or going, I was thinking to do business like my mother who is phenomenally successful. I applied to some schools with an education-based major and others with a business major, and the school I fell in love with when touring was Umass and that was one of the schools I applied to with a business major. I always liked the idea of being rich and loved working with numbers, so I decided on Finance.

In my finance classes, my peers were very serious and down to business and I took school very seriously. I was always on the Dean’s list, but I have a fun personality and to me, I did not really belong in the Finance world. I did not figure that out until senior year of college so just finished my degree in it because I was so close. After graduating from Umass I worked an entry-level position at the Bank and I was particularly good at my job, but it was so repetitive that it became boring. Driving to work every day was such a drag. I constantly complained to my friends about this and my best friend who was an English teacher at a charter school suggested I take a paraprofessional job until I figured out what I wanted to do with my degree. I said I would try it out and did.

The school was an urban school, the students came from difficult backgrounds. Needless to say, I fell in love with education. I met students that had minimal chances of even getting their High School diploma, and with my young (at the time) personality, they liked me, and I liked them, and I got these students to buy into education. The lifelong bonds I get with my students are unbelievable and I love it. I was part of a journey and it made me feel good. To see them be the first in their families to get a High School diploma brought tears to my eyes and I knew this was what I was supposed to do. After years of working in an urban district and being part of similar journeys to many students, I decided I wanted to take my passion and use it to be part of young men’s lives who would not only get their high school diploma, but go to college, and eventually impact the world. That is what brought me to Hendricken. I love the students I have, and I am excited to say I am going to be a piece of their journey, and I know they are going to do great things.

Q: Are there any pieces of wisdom you wish to impart to your students which are not related to the curriculum?

A: I want my students to find something they are passionate about and do it. I want to help write their success stories.

Q: If a full or partial virtual model is adapted, what apps do you plan to use or how will you adapt the curriculum for the new circumstances?

A: I try to make students love math. I want them to love coming to my class and if a student likes a class, they are more willing to learn. I plan to utilize fun applications or games such as Kahoot and Quizziz. Quizziz is fun for the students, helps review material, and I can see where the class stands. Otherwise, I am old-school doing notes on a whiteboard. I feel like the new circumstances do not impact me getting through the curriculum. I am confident in my abilities to teach virtually, but I do think it is easier in person to make sure the gentlemen are focused and doing what they need to do on their end.